Club 99 Offer

Esteemed Club 99 members! We've decided to put together a Winter Red Pack as follow up to the showcase you've recently received.

Comprising of 4 bottles of 2018 Merlots, 1 bottle of 2016 Shiraz, 1 bottle of 2017 Cabernet/Shiraz.

$149 including delivery.

To find out more, 

Call the Cowboy on 0488 065 347

or fill out the form below!

What is Club 99?

CLUB 99 is A Wine Wagon’s attempt to provide a little added traction to the Artisan Wine Market. CLUB 99 will become an adjunct to our established Tour operation.

Boutique Wineries have been hard hit by an avalanche of recent calamities, Drought/ Bushfires/Corona V and consequent Cellar Door/ Tourist lockdowns.

Over the years many of these Artisans have become our personal friends, as well as an important part of our daily wine jaunts. As no doubt witnessed by many of you who have accompanied one of our daily tours.

So this is our shout out to help our wine mates.

Due to the current physical shutdowns and lockouts our only channel for the rescue package is to reach out to the heavens. Hence our CLUB 99 will be a Cyber Vehicle Beaming direct to your Lounge with some of the foreseeable Membership benefits.


Barossa Fine Wine Parcels delivered directly to your front door!


Due to the inherent nature of these Boutique/ Artisan Wineries we’ve needed to limit the initial Membership to only 99 Members at this early stage. In order not to overly stretch/ max them out.


Also, our commitment is to provide Club Members deliver our best-personalised support/service.

Next step, for genuinely interested parties, please fill in the simple form below!

We'll then follow up with the Nitty Gritty! 

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